In over 10 years mentoring people to experience greater wellbeing I’ve found that the most effective and sustainable way to achieve this is to balance body, mind and soul through a combination of naturopathy, energetic balancing and mindfulness. In a Wellbeing Session your body, mind and soul come into their natural balance gently and sustainably via a combination of:

Naturopathic medicine herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle guidance for physical vitality
Energetic balancing reiki to allow for emotions to be cleared
Mindfulness practice to allow for mental clarity, focus and peace

Naturopathic Medicine addresses physical signs and symptoms at their cause…allowing for your body to return to homeostasis – balance. As opposed to a quick fix band-aid solution, this wholistic approach supports your body to repair, re-build and rejuvenate at the level of your cells.

Energetic balancing techniques then clear past emotion from your body and mind, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of any physical medicines, dietary changes and lifestyle guidance administered.

Mindfulness Practice ensures that the beneficial changes that result from your Wellbeing sessions are not only maintained but continue to improve over the long term, as you learn to master your thoughts and create a deeper connection with your natural flow of wellbeing.

Follow-up & ongoing
1hr $100

Recharge sessions
30min $60

Bouddi Belly Birth Sessions
Wellbeing sessions for Pregnancy and Early Motherhood, above fees apply.
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