I’ve felt much calmer, more patient and emotionally strong since my session with Lisa. It’a like a wave of relief has washed over me and now I’m back on track. Thankyou so much Lisa!
Brooke Palmer, Bells at Killcare Guest, Sydney

I recently experienced an Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage with Lisa- extremely therapeutic, felt wonderful afterward. Highly recommended!

Judy, Crescent Head

Lomi Lomi is more than a massage- it was a mind, body and spirit balance…like a brand new day- sensational!
Kreenah, Empire Bay

What an inspiring space for a life changing moment in time. Your patience and guidance offer the encouragement needed to explore and reflect upon those challenging aspects of transformational change. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Erina, Sydney

I never could have imagined when I first met her, how profoundly Lisa would touch my life.
Everybody can benefit from a little time spent with Lisa, someone with such profound wisdom, non judgement, honesty and the ability to help in so many ways. I just cannot recommend Lisa highly enough.

Heather Lamberton, Birth and Wellbeing Client

I had the absolute pleasure of having Lisa as a speaker for 101.3 Sea FM as part of “Dani’s self esteem team”…Lisa was the perfect fit for our event. Her message was heart warming, mind opening and her presence soothing. It was evident that she is a true professional in her field and is determined to make a difference! I look forward to working with Lisa again in the future on and off the air!
Dani Pola 101.3 Sea FM Breakfast Presenter

I found the session truly uplifting and will put your suggestions into practice. Sometimes all we need is a little motivation at the right moment to make a move into a better direction- I believe you have given me that, thankyou Lisa.
Guest, Bells at Killcare

Lisa is an incredible woman, space holder, wayshower, medicine woman and friend. I have called on her work as a naturopath, wellbeing coach and healer many times over the years and have always had profound shifts and life changing experiences in the short hour sessions we had together. She has the unique gift of listening deeply and leading you to your true needs, but reminds you that you are your own healer. I can’t recommend Lisa enough
Lauren Horton, Doula & Energetic Practitioner

Lisa’s Mindfulness Program was a fun positive way to teach our Preschoolers resilience and strategies to overcome a range of emotional challenges in their lives. Lisa’s practical approaches have become invaluable tools for us as Early Childhood Educators to continue to promote calm and engaged children. I would thoroughly recommend this very valuable program
Kim Chippendale, Centre Director Pretty Beach Community Preschool

The most powerful thing someone can do is empower another person. I came to Lisa feeling extremely depleted, physically sick and exhausted from my pregnancy and I was only halfway through. I had terrible morning sickness which lasted day and night and a lot of fear and anxiety. I was finding it so hard to work, to parent our older children and just function on any level. My first meeting with Lisa, I let out a lot of fear and had a big cry and a release. I knew I was on the right path after that meeting. I leaned on her when I needed to, but over time with gentle and loving encouragement, she helped me believe that I had all that I needed inside myself. She spoke with honesty and imparted many pearls of wisdom to Kris and I which helped us so much during pregnancy and birth. These pearls also have helped our relationship and our whole family over time. My relationship with my beautiful son who is 7 even benefitted from Lisa’s words. She is a beautiful and wise guide and was there for me when I needed her most. She calmed me and held my hand as I birthed my beautiful Olive Moon in the water. Even though Olive was posterior, I birthed her without any complications or pain relief. She looked after me with kindness and knowing after Olive was born, remembering all of my favourite food and drinks that I needed after a quick but exhausting birth. She helped me to surrender to what is and what would be, which is all you can do as a mother. She helped me to make space in my life for myself and our new baby. I came home from hospital 4 hours after Olive was born to a quiet house, feeling happy and full of gratitude. It was such an incredible birth and Olive is a magical and peaceful little girl.

We can get so caught up in what a baby needs, all the most expensive strollers, a cute nursery, cots that cost more than a week’s wage and all those ‘essentials’ but how important are these when you’ve got no faith in yourself? We only had the basics for olive, but we had a deep trust in ourselves as parents which far outweighs any material things. We invested in the important stuff, the things you can’t see but can only feel. I am grateful that we did, it’s made a huge difference.

She encapsulated our placenta with care and honour. I believe that the pills made a big difference to my energy levels, my milk came in quickly and without any problems, my mood was steady and I felt capable and strong in the first few months which can be so intense. It was a beautiful, peaceful and special time with our baby and I will never forget that time in our quiet little bubble of love. I have continued to feel emotionally and mentally strong, as Olive approaches her first birthday! We are still breastfeeding, co-sleeping and in our bubble of love although we come out a bit more now and it’s a bit noisier with our big kids around! We have so much fun as a family every day, and I believe that starts with kris and I as parents. Our relationship is strong with each other and with all of our children.

Thank you Lisa for guiding us with wisdom and love.
Sarah Humphries/Wolf, Singer/Songwriter- Eagle and The Wolf

I remember sitting with my partner, Sarah, at a cafe just before we were about to meet our Doula, Lisa, for the first time. To be honest I was feeling a little grumpy and nervous. What is a doula anyways? What is she going to do? Am I going to be outnumbered here? Aren’t I enough for Sarah? I wanted to be super involved in supporting Sarah throughout the pregnancy and birth and was nervous about the thought of someone coming in and pushing me to the side.

From that first meeting though I felt Lisa looking at how she could empower us to truly work as a team. Although we were talking about the baby we quickly got to the deep stuff that had been holding us back in our relationship. It was powerful stuff but it didn’t feel heavy. We were able to talk through the things that worried us and through the time leading to the birth we felt ready – for the birth and for this new family life we were creating.

The birth came and it was a bit of a blur, happening very quickly. Lisa arrived just as Olive’s gorgeous little head was popping out and just as Sarah needed a little extra support. Olive was born and Lisa was beautiful in providing Sarah with so much love and kindness in ways that I never would think of.

Throughout our time working together Lisa had an amazing way of gently affirming us and building our confidence. She is an amazing encourager and helped us to see the beauty in our relationship and also to visualise a new way of working together. Every now and again some of Lisa’s little pearls of wisdom drop into my mind and help me approach family stuff in a different way.

I’ll be forever thankful for what Lisa has done for us.
Kris Morris, Singer/Songwriter/Musician- Eagle & The Wolf