Bouddi Bliss Masala Chai

A divine blend of nine whole and ground herbs and spices including assam tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, liquorice, star anise, honeybush, nutmeg and black pepper.

All herbs and spices used are 100% organic and 100% locally blended by Naturopathic Practitioner Lisa Mount

Clear Glass Pot
$15 ~ Each pot contains 150g tea and makes 15 cups or 7 pots

2017 Clinic Range (some remaining stock available to order for the perfect Christmas Gift)

-Bouddi Tummy Calm (digestive blend)
-Bouddi Detox and Cleanse (detoxification blend)
-Bouddi Rest & Relax (relaxing sleep aid blend)
-Bouddi Belly (1st & 2nd trimester)
-Bouddi Belly (3rd Trimester)
-Bouddi Mumma n milk (Breastfeeding blend)
-Bouddi Child (children’s blend)
-Bouddi Goddess (Woman’s Blend)
-Bouddi Queen (Menopause & Beyond Blend)
-Bouddi Celebrate (festive entertaining blend)
-Bouddi Beauty (anti-aging blend)
-Bouddi Cold n Flu (immune blend)

Killcare Beach Kiosk Herbal Infusions Range

You can also enjoy the following four blends exclusive to Killcare Beach Kiosk.
You can also order these blends by emailing or phoning Lisa, they are blended up fresh on ordering.

-Fisho’s End -relaxing blend
-Bogeyhole -balancing blend
-Killy Crunch – energising blend
-Bullimah Sunrise – ‘coffee’ blend

Custom Blends for Your Business

If you are a practitioner or teacher and would Lisa to create a custom blend for your clients, send me an email.