Wellbeing Sessions

Wellbeing Sessions

Enjoy separately or in combination…

Vibrational Realignment & Energy Balancing
Energy balancing and reiki invites your physical body to release stored emotions & experiences that can lead you to feel stuck, stagnant or unable to move forward in life or resolve long-standing health, relationship and work issues.

Once the electromagnetic field around your physical body is cleared your physical cells can move into their natural alignment, allowing your body & mind to come into greater balance.

Think about energetic awareness or balancing as getting ‘back in the zone’, ‘back in the flow’ or having an emotional ‘spring clean’!

Energy balancing is a great thing to do regularly to maintain and develop emotional balance, mental strength and physical vitality.

Mindfulness Practice & Breath Awareness
This simple tool has been practiced and embraced by many traditions the world over for centuries as it brings so many benefits – including the clarity to make make good decisions and experience greater inner peace.

In a session you’ll gain a real practical understanding of what mindfulness feels like when you’re doing it right, really motivating you to bring it into your everyday life for greater mental clarity, emotional calm and physical relaxation.

Including mindfulness in your Daily Wellbeing Practice will ensure that the positive effects gained from other therapies are not only maintained but continue to improve over the long term.

Lisa has also run mindfulness classes in preschools, day care centres, primary schools and community centres for children, and has also facilitated Mindfulness Workshops for corporate groups- for more information on Mindfulness classes or workshops for children or corporate parties please send her an email.

Nutritional & Lifestyle Guidance
As a naturopath, Lisa encourages gentle dietary & lifestyle modifications to restore your body to it’s natural state of balance & naturally vibrant health.

Together you’ll discuss thing like sleep patterns, stress management, daily movement & meal planning, and also develop a Daily Wellbeing Practice to bring the benefits of mindfulness into your every day life.

An wholistic approach supports your whole being (mind and body) to repair, re-build & rejuvenate at the deepest level by addressing the cause of your signs & symptoms. A belief in the body’s innate ability to heal itself, given the right conditions, guides the dietary or lifestyle changes Lisa recommends.

I’ve felt much calmer, more patient and emotionally strong since my session with Lisa. It’a like a wave of relief has washed over me and now I’m back on track. Thankyou so much Lisa!
Brooke Palmer, Bells at Killcare Guest, Sydney

Life gets busy. We get stressed. The result is that we disconnect from our clarity of purpose and depth of passion. Wellbeing Sessions work gently yet powerfully to invite you to get back into touch with your own personal ‘why’. Whether you’re going through life changes or transitions, a period of uncertainty, or just generally feeling a lack of direction or purpose, a Wellbeing Session can help bring clarity and conviction back into your awareness…getting you back into the flow, where life feels the best!