Primary & Secondary Schools

8 week Mindfulness for Wellbeing Program for Primary & Secondary Schools

Lisa has completed the Mindfulness Fundamentals and Mindfulness Educators Courses with Mindful Schools, and delivers a program based largely on the Mindful Schools K-12 Mindfulness Curriculum to children aged 5-18 in both primary and secondary.

You can find out more about the curriculum by clicking here. She has also worked in Primary Schools as a Learning Support Officer, and is currently an Ethics Teacher (and the past Ethics Coordinator) at Pretty Beach Public School.

Research shows that practicing mindfulness has many benefits for your child, including:
Improved emotional regulation
Better focus and concentration
Decreased stress and anxiety
Increased sense of calm
Increased self awareness
Increased capacity to respond to difficult emotions
Increased empathy & understanding of others
‚ÄčImproved academic skills‚Äč

The Mindfulness for Wellbeing Program for Primary Schools consists of:
16 15-minute lessons in class-time, run over 8 weeks.

Plus optional:
8 x lunchtime K-2 ‘Mindful Fun’ space
8 x lunchtime 3-6 ‘Mindful Fun’ space

4 hours mindfulness education per child (plus 4 hours optional)

Included in Program
Parent information sessions at start, middle & end of program (6 x 15min before & after school time options)
Staff information sessions at start, middle & end of program (3 x 30min)
Mindfulness Singing Bowls (1 per classroom)
Mindful Schools Workbook for each child
Teacher Mindfulness Manuals (printed copies)
Parent Mindfulness Manual (email version)
Fortnightly parent info email (bringing mindfulness into the home & supporting weekly curriculum content)

To enquire or get a quote for your school send Lisa an email.