Mindfulness: clearing and strengthening your mind
In a Mindfulness Session you will learn how to use simple techniques and practices to reap the many benefits of this simple yet powerful tool has to offer.

A guided practice sitting, reflection and discussion time will give you a real experiential understanding of what mindfulness is and feels like, allowing you to begin to invite greater mental clarity, focus and neutrality into your life.

When you are able to be more mindful, you are better placed to make healthy, well-balanced decisions and begin to experience that elusive ‘inner peace’ that we all wonder about.

Incorporating Mindfulness into your daily life will support the beneficial changes from your naturopathic or energy balancing sessions, ensuring that the beneficial treatment effects form these treatments are not only maintained but continue to improve over the long term.

As you learn to become aware of, disconnect from and master your thoughts, you begin to invite into your life a deeper connection with your intuitive senses and wellbeing instincts.

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