Magical Mindful Me

Lisa has completed the Mindfulness Fundamentals and Mindfulness Educators Courses with Mindful Schools, and is able to deliver the Mindful Schools K-12 Mindfulness Curriculum in early educational settings. You can find out more about the curriculum by clicking here.

In order to share the many benefits that mindfulness can bring to children (read more about them in this recent article here), Lisa has developed several mindfulness literacy programs for preschoolers, primary-aged children and teenagers, incorporating the Mindful School’s curriculum.

The most effective way to teach mindfulness to children is to make mindfulness fun and engaging, and to support the lessons with resources that children can continue to use outside of lesson time, so Lisa has added large doses of creativity (the ‘magical’ in magical mindful me classes) to ensure that children are engaged and reaping the benefits that mindfulness has to offer them.

Magical Mindful Me classes are a fun, engaging and empowering combination of mindfulness education and wellbeing concepts designed to give your child a comprehensive and diverse ‘tool kit’ of skills which they can employ in their everyday life in order to stay cool, calm and connected, whatever is going on around them- a total advantage in today’s fast-paced and sometimes chaotic world.

Class starts February 2018

Thursdays 4:30pm Magical Mindful Me (7-12yrs)

Research shows that practicing mindfulness has many benefits for your child, including:
Improved emotional regulation
Better focus and concentration
Decreased stress and anxiety
Increased sense of calm
Increased self awareness
Increased capacity to respond to difficult emotions
Increased empathy & understanding of others
‚ÄčImproved academic skills‚Äč