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In over 10 years mentoring people to experience greater wellbeing I’ve found naturopathy, mindfulness and energetic balancing as individual therapies and in combination to be both effective and sustainable in inviting back balance to body, mind and soul.

You can select on, all, or any combination of the above modalities or I can help you select which would best suit you. For example, you may being going through an emotional crisis and requiring energetic balancing (reiki) and mindfulness or you might have a chronic health condition requiring natural medicines such as herbs and nutrients, in which case we’d incorporate more naturopathy into your wellbeing session. Or, you might like to deepen your meditation practice or improve your stress management with a wellbeing session purely using mindfulness.

Wellbeing for your BODY
Naturopathy employs dietary and lifestyle modifications, along with natural medicines like herbs, nutrient, teas and flower essences to restore your body to it’s natural state of balance and good health.

As opposed to a quick fix band-aid solution, the naturopathic approach supports your whole being (mind and body) to repair, re-build and rejuvenate at the deepest levels possible, by addressing the root cause of any resulting signs and symptoms. A belief in the body’s innate ability to heal itself, given the right conditions, guides the dietary or lifestyle changes recommended by a naturopath, as well as any natural medicines prescribed.

This ‘whole person’ approach allows your body to return to it’s natural state of homeostasis (balance) in the the best sequence and timing for you, resulting in gentle and sustainable wellbeing.

Wellbeing for your MIND
Enjoy the many benefits of this simple yet powerful tool with one-on-one mindfulness instruction.

The guided practice-sitting, reflection and discussion will allow you a real experiential understanding of what mindfulness feels like, motivating you to invite greater mental clarity, focus and neutrality into your life.

When you are able to be more mindful, you are better placed to make healthy, well-balanced decisions and begin to experience that seemingly-elusive concept of ‘inner peace’.

Incorporating mindfulness into your daily life will support the beneficial changes from your naturopathic and energy balancing treatment, ensuring that the beneficial treatment effects from these treatments are not only maintained but continue to improve over the long term.

As you learn to become aware of, disconnect from and master your thoughts, you begin to invite into your life a deeper connection with your intuitive senses and wellbeing instincts.

Wellbeing for your SOUL
Vibrational medicine, including Reiki, invites your body to release stored emotions and experiences that can make you feel ‘stuck’,’stagnant’ and unable to move forward in your life or improve or resolve long-standing health issues.

Once the electromagnetic field around your physical body is clear after energy balancing, your physical cells can come into their natural vibrational/energetic alignment, allowing your body & mind to regain balance.

Think about energetic balancing as getting ‘back in the zone’, ‘back in the flow’ or having an emotional ‘spring clean’!

Energetic balancing and realignment greatly enhances the effectiveness of any other therapies or lifestyle changes being implemented, and is the perfect addition to naturopathy or mindfulness.

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Lisa has been a practicing Naturopathic Practitioner since 2007, and is a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (6627)
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