NEW! Kids Mindfulness at Maitland Bay

“Lisa’s Mindfulness Program was a fun positive way to teach our Preschoolers resilience and strategies to overcome a range of emotional challenges in their lives. Lisa’s practical approaches have become invaluable tools for us as Early Childhood Educators to continue to promote calm and engaged children. I would thoroughly recommend this very valuable program” Kim Chippendale, Centre Director Pretty Beach Community Preschool

Kids are so receptive to wholistic therapies such as naturopathy, mindfulness, dietary changes, reiki and relaxation.

And what’s even better, natural healing modalities are gentle on growing bodies and minds, with no harmful side-effects.

I offer a range of products and services for your child, which you can book and pay for online.

For anything else or if you would like to discuss tailoring any of the below options to suit your child please send me an email on the contacts page, I’m very happy to have a chat with you about how we can best help your child to come back into their natural balance and enjoy sustained health, a healthy body and a happy mind.

Wellbeing Sessions -Naturopathy, Mindfulness (& Reiki where requested)
Mindfulness in Nature Classes
Bach flower Remedies
Personal Herbal Teas

Benefits of Mindfulness

Research shows that practicing mindfulness has many benefits for your child, including:
Improved emotional regulation
Better focus and concentration
Decreased stress and anxiety
Increased sense of calm
Increased self awareness
Increased capacity to respond to difficult emotions
Increased empathy & understanding of others
‚ÄčImproved academic skills‚Äč