Early Learning Centres

Look with your Mindful Eyes
Listen with your Mindful Ears
Feel with your Mindful Body
Breathe with your Mindful Breath
and un-cover the Magical world of Mindfulness inside and all around you!

“Lisa’s Mindfulness Program was a fun positive way to teach our Preschoolers resilience and strategies to overcome a range of emotional challenges in their lives. Lisa’s practical approaches have become invaluable tools for us as Early Childhood Educators to continue to promote calm and engaged children. I would thoroughly recommend this very valuable program” Kim Chippendale, Centre Director Pretty Beach Community Preschool

Magical Mindful Me…Mindfulness Literacy for Preschools & Early Learning Centres

Research shows that practicing mindfulness has many benefits for children, including:

• Improved emotional regulation
• Better focus and concentration
• Decreased stress and anxiety
• Increased sense of calm
• Increased self-awareness
• Increased capacity to respond to difficult emotions
• Increased empathy & understanding of others
• ​Improved academic skills​

Your Mindfulness Teacher
I’m a University Qualified Naturopath, Energetic Practitioner, Doula (Birth) Support Person and Mindfulness Educator. I speak and write on all things Wellbeing and am a regular contributor with Wellbeing Magazine.

I have also worked in Primary Schools as a Learning Support Officer, Ethics Teacher & Coordinator and Mindfulness Educator.

Having completed the Mindfulness Fundamentals and Mindfulness Educators Courses with Mindful Schools, I have developed the Magical Mindful Me mindfulness literacy program for 3-6 year olds in order to share the benefits of mindfulness with young children.

About The Program
Magical Mindful Me consists of eight 30-minute lessons, delivered weekly and supported with activities for children to enjoy with parents, carer-givers and educators between lessons at home and in their learning space.

Lessons are fun, engaging and empowering, and aimed at introducing mindfulness concepts whilst sharing with them a comprehensive, easy-to-apply magical ‘tool kit’ of skills which they can use to stay connected to ‘magical, mindful me’- regardless of what’s going on around them- a must in today’s fast-paced, sometimes chaotic world, and often confusing world.

A mother of two Magical Mindful boys, I appreciate the importance of making mindfulness relevant– so I’ve created a ‘magical’ framework to allow children to bring the skills they learn in class into the home- with their siblings, parents and everyday situations. To further ensure this integration of the mindfulness concepts children learn in classes, each lesson is supported with ideas and resources that parents can use with their children to develop their ‘mindfulness magic’ outside of lesson time via weekly email updates and parent information sessions.

With large doses of creativity, imagination and visualization, I aim to create an atmosphere in the Magical Mindful Me lessons that is both relaxed and inspiring…ensuring all children are at ease, engaged and receiving the many benefits that mindfulness has to offer them.

‘Magical Mindful Me’ program at your child’s Early Learning Centre

Program Structure
2 lessons (children split into groups by age) across 2 days for 8 weeks
2 or 4 (depending on student numbers) similar lessons taught 2 days each week, allowing for children to attend at least 1 lesson, and many to enjoy a fantastic revision and integration opportunity.

Program cost can be reduced by offering just 1 day of lessons & inviting children who aren’t enrolled on that day to attend for the lesson, or for smaller centres or family day care centres you can select just 1 lesson per week (8 lessons in total).

Central Coast:
$680 (1 lesson/week)
$1240 (2 lessons/week, back-to-back)
$2480 (4 lessons/week, over 2 days)

$880 (1 lesson/week)
$1440 (2 lessons/week, back-to-back)
$2880 (4 lessons/week, over 2 days)

Program Includes:
All Lessons
Staff support (info sessions, resources, tips for creating a ‘Magical Mindful corner’)
Parent information sessions x 2 (optional)
Weekly parent e-updates providing information on how to bring mindfulness into the family home.

To book the Magical Mindful Me program send me an email

I hold current First Aid and Working with Children checks.