Why I’m crazy for Chai

I’ve recently replaced my morning coffee with Chai, and I have to say that I’m feeling deep reserves of energy and stamina coming into play that I haven’t felt for a while now..well, since before kids!

I love my morning coffee- it’s not just the pick-me-up and strong grounding aroma that does it for me and has done for so long, but the ritual around it.

Whether I brew it up at home or visit my local cafe, there’s a sacredness to that morning cup of magic that slowly wakes me up, warms me up, and moves you me the day ahead in that predictable, comforting and delicious way.

For me, that beverage of choice has been coffee. And although I will still enjoy an occasional cup of it on the weekend or when the desire takes hold, as an integral part of my day- coffee no longer makes the cut.

Although has it’s own health benefits, like all things, sometimes, at some points in our lives, the cons can outweigh the pros. It’s always about finding and honouring the balance and what’s working, or not working, for you. And then, taking inspired action.

For me, the cons of coffee far outweighed the benefits (benefits I’m now getting from my chai without any cons in sight). Coffee can deplete vitamins (especially the B vitamins essential for energy), can cause big highs and lows in energy, and it leeches calcium from our bones (an important factor to consider if you’re wanting to age well).

So after sitting with all this, and feeling the effects of not enough physical self-care in my body, I started dreaming of another way….another warm, delicious suitor to start my day with.

Then, along came Chai.

Chai, meaning ‘tea’, or Masala Chai ‘Spiced tea’ has been around for centuries and has been drunk with reverence for its health benefits to body & mind.

Here’s some of them:

-Enhances immunity
-Improves digestion
-Decreases inflammation (illness)
-Boosts antioxidant status (anti-acing)

So never fear, Chai is no fad doing the rounds- it’s the real deal and it’s been around for a long time, just waiting to love you!

I didn’t replace my coffee right away with this divinely-inspired delicious blend of herbs and spices, I wasn’t ready to choose for a little while so I went right ahead and drank chai & coffee right along side each other (yes they both knew about each other and were somehow ok with it!). I allowed my body and mind to let me know when it was time to either choose one over the other once and for all, or find a better balance for myself.

Turns out I didn’t have to make that choice, chai chose me.

And we start every day together now.

Coffee seems very content with being drunk only occasionally, and we’re all very happy with the new arrangement.

A sip of chai turned into 2 days of chai, which rolled into a week, which poured into a month, and now chai & I are going strong heading into christmas, cup in hand each morning like two young lovers- guilt-free and in love, but also open to enjoying other beverages on occasion.

I’ve worked out what nourishes me on a deep level, allowing me to grow my wellbeing slowly, steadily and sustainably…and I’m choosing that, every day.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still enjoy an occasional cup of coffee- and intend to- but it will be a conscious happy choice, rather than an habitual need for the caffeine pick-me-up dictating to me how it is.

So now, after a month of chai, and a break from coffee, my nervous system is soothed (a clearer, calmer mind), my liver has gently detoxed (sounder, deeper sleep) and my digestion is really strong. I also find myself gravitating to even brighter, ‘happier’ foods as a result of my natural increase in energy levels, and my soul feels brighter and happier too.

I drink my own chai blend- one I’ve created slowly and lovingly, over the winter just gone…and I want to share it with you because I know a great love like this should not be kept all to myself.

My chai has a little twist to it- some honeybush to enhance the antioxidant effects of the base blend and a dash of star anise for it’s amazing ability to support digestion…because as as all naturopaths know- good health starts in the gut.

If you’d like to enjoy my blend of Masala Chai, names ‘Bouddi Bliss’ because it’s made in Bouddi & there’s no better word than bliss to describe the taste, aroma and feeling this blend brings, please head over to the shop and have a browse. You can place your order by calling or texting it through to me on 0410 412 396 or emailing me at lisa@lisamount.com.

I’m packaging the chai for chrissy- so do let me know if you don’t want your pot or canister christmas wrapped. And I’m also delivering on the first 3 mondays in December to lighten your festive load, so let me know if you’d like this option and which delivery dates suits.

Well, the sun has risen, I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed my morning beach walk with my beloved canine companion ( oh if only he could enjoy my chai!) and I just had to write this piece before I glide into another beautiful day. My chai has brewed and is waiting for me, patiently, lovingly, just oozing ‘drink me!’…and so I must.

I’ll take that first sip, and share sacred time together as I ground into my day, visualise what I’d like to create in it and affirm to myself how worthy I am of good things and good times- including my morning cup of chai.

And if I’m really honest, I’m going to go for a second in the evening…Yes, I’ll brew up a big pot on the stove and let my dreams be chai-inspired.

And I hope yours are too.



Ps. My son Indiana, who has just woken and joined me here wants to add something crucial. ‘Mum, I don’t just like my chai, I love it…now, were is my chai?’

I had better go pour his now too!

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