‘Tis the season to be Mindful…

The lead up to christmas is the perfect opportunity to begin or strengthen your mindfulness practice.

And your mindfulness practice doesn’t have to be anything formal- it can be a few mindful moments when you wake, during the day, and when you wind down for the evening.

Mindfulness is simply paying attention to the present moment, without judgement and with an attitude of curiosity. Bringing compassion into mindfulness adds an element called ‘heartfulness’- that spirit of gratitude, appreciation and compassion for self and others.

Mindfulness + heartfulness taken in regular doses every day = better focus and concentration, increased self-worth, improved emotional regulation and a stronger feeling of connection to yourself and the world around you. All this leads to sustainable happiness…the kind of happy that is generated from within.

In my naturopathic and wellbeing practice working with both children and adults, I’ve found that mindfulness, along with the ‘magical’ element of heartfulness (hence my ‘magical mindful me’ classes for young people), is the best medicine around…second only to laughter of course! Even where herbal, homeopathic and nutritional medicine is needed to return balance to the body, mindfulness greatly enhances these things by decreasing stress in the body, and allowing physical medicines to work more quickly and effectively.

Prevention really is the best medicine, and the #1 tool I use with now with myself, my family, my clients and class participants is mindfulness & heartfulness.

I’ve created a series of classes starting term 1 2018, along with holiday workshops in January, to introduce your child (adults are always welcome to come along) to mindfulness, and through fun, creative and engaging activities, empower them to create their own daily wellbeing practice centred on Mindfulness & Hurtfulness…so that they can connect with with ‘Magical Mindful Me’ inside, and from this place, more consciously choose their thoughts, words and actions…selecting those that truly reflect who they are what they desire and the kind of world they wish to live and play in.

For adults, I run weekly mindfulness classes in the Bouddi area of the Central Coast- at Bells Resort, Killcare SLSC and in the Bouddi National Park. I’d love to see you there and support you along your own mindful journey into more wellbeing.

In the meantime, why not use the build-up to christmas and it’s hustle and bustle as an invitation to dive into a deeper stillness in your body and mind. You can do this simply by, whenever you think of it, taking one mindful breath and infusing it with gratitude by bringing to mind one thing you are grateful for in your life.

A few moments like this…and magic can happen.

Magically, Mindfully Yours,


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