Stand your Energetic Ground with Mindfulness

We’ve all heard of standing our ground….but what about standing our Energetic’ ground?

When it comes to your daily life, how much does it reflect who you really are and what you really want?

If it’s only a little, than chances are youre not standing your energetic ground and are instead being knocked around by people, places and situations.


What about using your always-available breath, focus and attention to positively influence your day, rather than allowing situations to push you around?

Could achieving Wellbeing it really be this simple?


But…it does take some daily practice.

A few minutes of Mindfulness each day via your Daily Wellbeing Practice (a core part of a session with me) is where you hone the powerful and innate skill of becoming more present, aware and able to respond skilfully (rather than react out of habit).

With more presence and awareness you can increase your ability to create your day, rather than letting your day create you.

From my own personal experience and from watching fantastic changes in my clients, a little daily mindfulness goes a long way in allowing us stand our Energetic Ground, create the day we want and receive the wellbeing that is available to us in every moment that WE are available to it.

Lisa x

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