Your Path of Least Resistance


“Why do they grow upside down, Mum?”, my young son asked me as we sighted these flowers on a bush walk yesterday in beautiful Bouddi National park.

One of the things I love most about my bush walks with Indy is his questions…because they always open up fantastic discussions about life, for both of us.

Open Up To You

What possibilities will you open up for yourself today?

It all starts with a breath…

A little midday *Mindfulness* for you on this beautiful autumn weekend…

Marvelous Mindfulness

Sharing some Bouddi Wellbeing *Mindfulness* with you as promised, as I complete the Mindfulness Fundamentals course with

Does Natural Medicine Work?

I’m often asked the following:

  •  ‘Do natural medicines like herbs and nutritional supplements really work?’
  • ‘Will eating well make me well?’
  • ‘Will a healthier lifestyle improve my health?’

Noticing the little things, to make big changes

On a recent bushwalk with my 2 children my youngest stopped us to get down low and see the bug he discovered. It was tiny!…yet he spotted it…amongst the enormous trees and wild ocean he stopped us all to marvel at this tiny bug.

This made me think about how we are affected by things both ‘big’ and ‘small’…whether in their size or their effect.


What is Wellbeing Mentoring?

Wellbeing Mentoring sessions allow you to remember, access and activate your ‘Inner Well of Being’, whilst learning how to create a Daily Practice to sustain and grow this Inner space of Wellbeing. They are often held outdoors in the stunning beauty of the Bouddi National Park, a place where you can really get real with what it is you’re wanting to create for yourself.

Lisa Bells 1

As the Wellbeing Mentor at Bells Luxury Resort and Day Spa, I take guests through the Bouddi National Park for outdoor Wellbeing Mentoring Sessions…a truly wonderful experience.


A Healthy Mind: You Deserve it

There are SO many things that you can start to do today to lift your mood, and while it can be difficult to reach for happier thoughts when you’re feeling anything but, it IS relatively easy to be smart with your food and lift yourself up using nutrition.

This article HERE talks about some nutrients, herbs and other substances that support healthy mood.

Among the big nutritional players in feeling balanced & happy are vitamins B9 and B12.

What’s this look like on your dinner plate?…

Wellbeing: a cause, not an effect

I read a PHENOMENAL ARTICLE by James Loneragan recently.

If you’re ready to or have already taken the credit back from your doctor, diet, exercise regime, supplements, super foods etc and owned the fact that your ability to experience Being Well lies within YOUR willingness to receive it, then you’ll love this confirmation.

If you’re not, you’ll love this permission slip!

“Just like your mind shapes your reality, it also shapes the way food is assimilated into the body”.

Your Daily Dose of Nature Medicine

Whenever I can I take my ‘Nature Medicine’ before I start my work for the day.

The time I spend re-centreing in natural surrounds, allowing myself to come into alignment, makes my day more productive, and helps me prioritise things in the most effective order.