NEW! Weekly Mindfulness Class

A brand new Mindfulness Class starts July 21st at Community Connect Killcare SLSC.

Midday Mindfulness is the perfect way to glide mindfully into each weekend, as you learn to become aware of your thoughts, and be more intentional with your focus. There’s lots of opportunity to practice being mindful, as well as time for discussion and a 15 min Q & A at the end of each class.

The growing body of research on mindfulness reveals the following list of core benefits:

• Better Focus and Concentration
• Increased Sense of Calm
• Decreased Stress and Anxiety
• Improved Impulse Control
• Increased Self A wareness
• Skillful Responses to Difficult Emotions
• Increased Empathy and Understanding of Others
• Development of Natural Conflict Resolution Skills

If you’re ready to allow more of the above into your daily life, come along, bring a friend, and start experiencing the many benefits that Mindfulness offers.

Fridays 12pm, upstairs in the Killcare SLSC auditorium.

I’d love to see you there!

Lisa x

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