Generosity and Kindness…the more you give, the more you get.

*Heart Donations* Now Available for Wellbeing Sessions!

A Heart Donation is an amount of money (or other agreed upon products or services) that is affordable to an individual as payment for a product or service.

Heart Donations have been inspired by the generosity of people in my own life, and are a way of me extending my gratitude in the form of making my services available to those whom may benefit from them but may otherwise be prevented from doing so due to financial constraints.

I’m really stoked to be able to offer these to people who are ready to liberate their natural flow of wellbeing and do the daily work needed to practice allowing more wellbeing into their everyday life.

I know financial abundance and ways of attracting it is popular, and that lots of people *believe* that the amount of money one has is a reflection certain things.

In my own opinion, the amount of money one has is just the amount of money one has- period. And how we judge that reflects OUR choice.

And we have one!

Discriminating people based on their financial status is no different from doing so based on their social, gender or racial status, or their past or present access to education and information.

Let’s get real- and really GENEROUS- in the ways we *think* about people- starting in our local community, and- where we can- discover ways of making our offerings available to everyone.

Let’s get CREATIVE about how we can empower others to pay us in the many ways that exist- in time, products, services, produce, pay-it-forwards, pay-what-you-can, pay-when-you-can, hey-no-need-to-pay-at-all-mate.

Money is just one of many ways of paying for information, products and services, and I know in my own life the teachers and mentors that have loaned me a buck or two or spent their time with me free of charge not only gave me something price-less in that moment, they invested in me with things that have APPRECIATED in every moment since- GENEROSITY AND KINDNESS.

The spirit of Generosity and Kindess really excite me- not just because I believe in them, but because I’ve experienced the effects of them- and they are powerful commodities.

The supply of both is truly limitless- the more you give the more you get.

Value is not about dollar worth.

It’s the deep fulfilment of our time spent with people in the sprit of kindness and generosity.


Money is a great way to exchange goods and services, but it’s just one of many.

Let’s bring back a little more balance in our transactions and see if we can make our products and services more accessible to everyone.

Let’s explore other avenues of payment- the concept of a Heart Donation is just a start and one you might like to implement in your own business.

Lets value each other first.

Lisa x

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