Feeling disconnected…and how to find yourself again.

I’ve been super busy the past couple of months, and found myself feeling disconnected.

When I feel disconnected from life, from my children, from my partner, there’s always just the one solution- to reconnect with myself…all the rest follow suit, responding to my lead.

What’s disconnection feel like for you?

Is it empty, hollow, overwhelmed, frazzled, diluted. A little lost, a little ungrounded?

For me, it’s a little of all of the above. And my eyes kind of lose their sparkle.

But, the AWESOME thing about disconnection?

You get to RECONNECT, and I find that each time I do this, I get a little more in touch with myself, and a little more in touch with life. I call this time of re-connection, which can sometimes take a few hours and sometimes a few days, my ‘teepee time’. Like a man goes into his ‘cave’, I head into my invisible teepee and just unplug from the world, listen to those parts of myself that have something to say and remind myself that I am number 1 in my life, and that to be fully present in my relationships, I have to be fully present for myself.

On a day to day basis, I’ve found that looking after my Body, Mind and Soul help me feel connected to life/spirit/source/Huey- call it what you will- more often than not, and mean that I’m more aware of dis-connecting from myself/my truth/my path in the early stages, rather than when I get too far out of my own lane.

So, my HOT tips for remaining connected with yourself, and making it easier to reconnect with yourself when that connection fades out cause Life Happens!…

Body- lots of pure water, eating food in it’s most natural state, daily movement, time in nature, enough rest & stable sleeping patterns.

Mind- mindful breathing, mindful movement, intentionally generating feelings of gratitude, having a daily mindfulness practice when you go inward, breathe deeply, and just watch your thoughts with non-judgement and acceptance.

Soul- clearing your energy- the electromagnetic field around your physical body (which is just stuck/old emotions or thoughts). You can do this using reiki & other intentional energy balancing techniques, but time in nature will do it too!- go for a bush walk, a surf, a run, do some yoga…just get outside, get moving and have the intention of letting go of yesterday and coming into the present moment.

Lastly, PLAY!

Every day. Play with your cooking, cleaning, children, lover, laundry, sport, work, pets…be curious, be open and remember that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. No matter HOW pressing some short term problem seems to be, remember life is a gift, and when it doesn’t feel like it, you just need to do some unwrapping.

And, although it’s crucial to look after your body, mind and soul, this is just the support act…the Real Show is you enjoying life, showing up and expressing, creating and being what you came here to express, create and be…and bringing your slice of heaven to earth.

For support in getting your Body, Mind and Soul sorted, so that you can do your thing, send me an email or phone me on 0410 412 396 to book a session time. Skype and phone sessions available.

Lisa x

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