Creativity is the way to Wellbeing

I was ultra blessed to swim with dolphins in the wild today when I went down to my local beach for a midday dip between sessions and writing.

‘Crazy Amazing’ was the phrase I used to describe it to a friend. It was surreal, but at the same time totally natural, their exuberance and playfulness utterly daunting and yet deeply familiar.


Swimming with this pod of dolphins today was a powerful reminder for me that creativity is not only essential for wellbeing, it IS wellbeing…

See, being creative- making things, using our hands, imagining, playing with ideas, collaborating with like minds, brainstorming, envisioning, decorating, organising and on and on and on- all these expressions of creativity allow us to come into the present moment and connect with our essence (your essential self). This allows for our body and mind to come into their natural balance, which opens up our natural flow of wellbeing.


Because when we get creative we drop out of our worrying, over-thinking brain and drop into our knowing, creative higher mind, or heart. And when we allow this to happen, our connection to our essence/soul/presence is ultra-clear and this means our body and mind can very gently, and in the right sequence and the right timing for us, begin self-balancing and returning to their harmonious, connected state of being (a state, by the way, where we can actually manage get a whole lot done ’cause we’re in the flow!)

We all- to different degrees- including many clients I see in Wellbeing sessions- block our own creative flow because we are so fixated on the results and outcomes, or so concerned with how the finished product will look that we lose the confidence to even get started.

The finished product, outcome or result of our organic creativity- however it expresses itself in each moment- is totally irrelevant.

It’s the process that’s important. Because the process is life, and when you’re in it- in your own unique, joyful and creative process of being and doing- you’re living your life- and that’s the whole point.

We never ‘get there’, we never ‘get it perfect’, we can’t get it right.

And we can’t get it wrong either!

But we can put it off.

And we do.

Again, and again, and again.

Until we don’t…and we finally pick up that pen, that paintbrush, that cookbook…or don those gardening gloves, try that new bush trail, take that new class, strike up a conversation with that person we feel curious about.


Whatever it takes to get our energy moving.

Bake, dance, draw, clean, paint, write, teach, learn, stretch, design… Do what you’re drawn to and be unattached to the outcomes, results, or what the finished product may look like.

What if our whole integrated being- body, mind and soul/heart/presence- creatively expressing, self-connected and fully present in every moment IS the finished product.

What if the process IS the outcome.

The outcome of you, ‘coming out’.

BEing you, whilst DOing what you’re naturally drawn to do.

So I invite you to come out, come out, wherever you are, and allow your unique and beautifully prefect creative self to bring you joyfully, gracefully and naturally into the very natural experience of wellbeing and embodied presence.

And if you want some support with liberating your own natural flow of creativity and allowing more wellbeing into your life via a Wellbeing Session, send me an email at, call me on 0410 412 396 or phone the clinic on 4339 7513 between 9am and 3pm Monday-Friday.

Bouddi Blessings,

Lisa x

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