Chai for Christmas

I just LOVE my chai.

Apart from the gazillion health benefits including digestive, immune & mood support, a simmering pot of chai on the stove warms up the heart and home like nothing else.

Masala (spice) Chai (tea) is commonplace at cafes now, and it’s no wonder…with it’s delicious balance of sweet & spicy this magical blend served with milk and honey is not only good for you, it tastes divine.

The Bouddi Bliss Masala Chai blend contains star anise and honey bush to provide extra age-defying anti-oxidants and add an extra kick of amazingness- making it the perfect Christmas gift for the chai-loving tribe.

Bouddi Bliss Masala Chai is 100% Organic, 100% Locally-blended (by mwah!) and 100% inspired by everything we all love about chai- health benefits, delicious taste and intoxicating aromas that warm the mind, body and soul.

To order some Chai now for Chrissy gifts click on the button below and it’ll take you straight to the shop…and be sure to grab one for your beautiful self to sip on whilst you wrap your pressies and soak up the festive vibes.

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Lisa x

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