Bouddi Boost

Welcoming back the Bouddi Boosts!…everyday totally- do-able tips from a naturopath for a Happy Healthy BOD.



Drinking a couple of glasses of freshly squeezed juice is OUT-OF-THIS WORLD for your health…It will hydrate, remove toxins, decrease inflammation and deliver nutrients to your beautiful body in their natural and most bioavailable (your cells can suck them up more easily!) form.

I HIGHLY recommend investing in a juicer (hot tip: check out your local vinnies, salvos or other pre-loved goods store as they usually have loads of pre-loved juicers …we got ours for $15 and it works wonderfully!)

Spend that cash you saved on your pre-loved juicer on local and organic produce to increase the healing-power of your liquid lush-ish-ness (is that a word?- unsure, but I like it!)

Parents- make freshly squeezed juices a non-negotiable in the house- serve up a freshly squeezed juice to your kiddies first thing on rising in a jar or cup they have pimped up to their personal taste! Then, wait for 30-60 minutess before serving up the main meal -‘breakfast like a king’ remember- breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day as it’s the most important.

In our household, the after-school snack-a-thon is heralded in by a 2nd freshly squeezed juice…they are usually famished, thirsty and quite frankly HANGING for a real re-charge.

Get juicing this spring and really FEEL the gentle and gradual improvements in your vitality.

Make juicing a habit, and your body will thank you

Lisa x

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