A Clear Mind Reflects the Light

I was at the beach this morning with my youngest son taking our border collier x kelpie (aka THE most active canine EVER) for his morning walk (aka wild crazy gallop).

As our animal ran free along the sand with 4-6 ft waves rolling in, we sat and waited for the sun to rise up from behind Mt Bouddi, to herald in another new day.

As I sat on a washed up log, marvelling at how we will never be able too train the ‘wild’ out of our domesticated animal, I didn’t miss the message behind it that I will never be able to train the wild out of myself or my children- as much as I try to domesticate all the untamed parts of myself and my kids. And, for once, I felt ok with that, as I watched our dog, whom my eldest named ‘Ranger’- range his shoreline, free and unashamed, in full acceptance of his wild nature.

Then, as I sank into this lovely new acceptance of my own and my children’s ‘animal’ natures, along with all the other parts of ourselves, Indiana asked me a question,

‘Mum, why are all those lights on?’, as he pointed to the glistening house windows on the headlands jutting out near Sydney heads.

I explained that the lights weren’t on, but that the windows were reflecting the light from the sun that was rising opposite them from behind the head land to our left. I explained that we couldn’t see the sun yet, but that the windows, from their higher vantage point, could, and that they were showing us a little preview of what was to come…if we just wait a little longer for the sun to rise for us.

He asked me why all the windows weren’t reflecting the light, and I fell in love with his question – as I do often when he hits me with these golden opportunities to share what I’ve learnt through experience- because he always throws them out to me in at just the right time and in just the right way- for us both.

“Well”, I explained, “not all the windows are clean. Some are dirty, and the sun’s light can’t reach to the glass to reflect itself off of, but others are clean and it’s easy for the light to reach through to those.

It’s kind of like our minds, I guess. Like, when we have unhappy or worried or angry thoughts in our minds, we can’t receive answers, or happy thoughts, or inspiration we need to feel happy and warm. But, if we take a little time each day to keep our minds clear from thoughts that clog up our view of the sunrise, then it’s easier for the happy thoughts and the sunrise to reach our minds. And then they do, we can then enjoy receiving them and let them warm us up. And we can also reflect them to others or anywhere we like- through our thoughts, words or actions.”

“Oh yeah, he said, that makes sense. Let’s clean our windows soon Mum, they are getting dirty”.

As this beautiful metaphor slowly marinates and sinks into his consciousness, we will indeed go home and clean the windows in our house. And I’ll continue to talk to him about how having a clear mind allows us to receive and reflect light, inspiration and creative solutions- he’s just started taking a mindfulKIDS course with his friends so I’m loving the timing of this new enquiry of his.

Meanwhile, conversations like this one act as a beautiful wake up call to me to keep my mind clear- on a daily basis, because it’s well worth it- charity of thought, emotional balance and physical lightness and ease are the pay-off.

Mindfulness forms an integral part of all my Wellbeing Sessions, because it truly is the most effective way I know to real, sustainable wellbeing- which is a totally natural thing once we re-learn the knack of how to allow it it flow into our daily lives.

In regards to animal natures and letting our wild selves run free, Mindfulness actually creates a space for us to come into more acceptance of the untamed, unruly, undomesticated parts of ourselves.


Because Mindfulness encourages us to release judgement, let go of black or white thinking, and move into a natural curiosity, an engaged neutrality and an empowered wholeness that allows us to feel both balanced and peaceful, yet totally accepting and OK with every part of ourself.

Lovely stuff-).

To book in for a session or to come along to a mindfulness class to develop your own daily practice and move into a more fluid and connected state of being, send me an email and we’ll find you a time.

In the meantime, have a little think about how often you’re ‘cleaning the windows’ of your own mind, and whether a little time daily spent washing the grime away may just allow you to receive a little more light and a lot more wellbeing.

Sunshine, light, wellbeing- it’s always there- it’s just about whether you’re receiving it or not.



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