I’m a Natural Health Practitioner and have been in private practice on the central coast since 2007.

I hold university qualifications in health science & naturopathy, and have trained in reiki therapy, mindfulness, doula support services and Hawaiian bodywork.

Wellbeing Sessions are a safe, supported and creative space where individuals can benefit from a range of wellbeing tools including mindfulness, meditation, energy balancing and general dietary & lifestyle guidance while exploring life challenges in a truly wholistic way.

Wellbeing Sessions allow the body & mind to gently and sustainably come into their natural balance, inviting more passion and purpose into everyday life, as we slowly remove mental, emotional & physical blockages to the awareness of wellbeing, which allows for a deep reconnection to the inner source of passion, purpose, inspiration and joy.

Wellbeing Sessions are practical, uplifting & effective, providing many benefits, including:

– Improved performance & increased productivity at work
– Enhanced mental focus & clarity
– Greater creativity & solution-generating
– Deeper, more rejuvenating sleep
– Improved physical energy & vitality
– Enhanced immunity & improved cellular health
– Better mood & improved sense of wellbeing
– More fulfilling personal relationships & deeper intimacy

You can enjoy your Wellbeing Session at the beautiful Clinic Space in Killcare, at your home (central coast) or online/via phone call.

Phone Lisa on 0410 412 396 to book.