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Welcome to Bouddi Wellbeing…

Bouddi is a local aboriginal word meaning ‘heart’ and ‘water breaking over rocks’- a beautiful metaphor to bring to mind when facing life’s challenges both big and small.

Perhaps we can look at tough times and health challenges like a river flowing over us, smoothing our ‘rough edges’ and creating something naturally beautiful if we just remember how to surrender and work with life, rather than against it. Taking this more creative and fluid approach to live’s obstacles can allow us to move around them with greater understanding and ease.

As a Naturopathic, Mindfulness & Energetic Practitioner, I’ve found that carving out just a little bit of time and space each day to clear our minds, rebalance our energy and nourish our bodies allows us to experience peace and wellbeing, no matter what is happening around us.

When we bring balance to our our mind, emotions and body through simple daily self-care practices, wellbeing is the natural result. The Wellbeing Consultations I offer allow you to reconnect with this sense of wellbeing, regain personal balance and begin to develop this gently and sustainably into every aspect of your daily life, with support and guidance.

On the website you’ll also find my articles in Wellbeing magazine and the Blog, reminding you that you really do have unlimited access to wellbeing, while encouraging you to use mindfulness, creativity and simple dietary and lifestyle changes to enjoy your life to the max, now!

Along with holding qualifications in health science and naturopathy, I am also a birth and post-natal doula (pregnancy, birth & early parenthood support person), working with pregnant women and couples to prepare for the arrival of their baby, assisting at the birth and helping them adjust to life as new parents. I also prepare placenta remedy for post-birth recovery, please send me an email if you’d like this service.

I also deliver Mindfulness Programs in early learning centres, schools and community centres, and love teaching and learning from these amazing young people.

As you can see, I have a diverse ‘tool kit’ of natural health modalities, but they all point to to same outcome: re-connecting you with your wellbeing and reminding you how to ‘go with your flow’ so you can get the most from each day.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the articles and information here and I hope to see you soon at a session,



Thankyou Lisa for all your support before, during and after the birth of our son. We’ll be forever grateful.You went above and beyond what we ever would have expected! Such an inspiration, we have so much love for you
Rachel & Jay Crowhurst, Birth clients.

Lisa is an incredible woman, space holder, wayshower, medicine woman and friend. I have called on her work as a naturopath, wellbeing coach and healer many times over the years and have always had profound shifts and life changing experiences in the short hour sessions we had together. She has the unique gift of listening deeply and leading you to your true needs, but reminds you that you are your own healer. I can’t recommend Lisa enough
Lauren Horton, Doula & Energetic Practitioner

I had the absolute pleasure of having Lisa as a speaker for 101.3 Sea FM as part of “Dani’s self esteem team”…Lisa was the perfect fit for our event. Her message was heart warming, mind opening and her presence soothing. It was evident that she is a true professional in her field and is determined to make a difference! I look forward to working with Lisa again in the future on and off the air!
Dani Pola 101.3 Sea FM Breakfast Presenter

Throughout our time working together Lisa had an amazing way of gently affirming us and building our confidence. She is an amazing encourager and helped us to see the beauty in our relationship and also to visualise a new way of working together. Every now and again some of Lisa’s little pearls of wisdom drop into my mind and help me approach family stuff in a different way. I’ll be forever thankful for what Lisa has done for us.
Kris Morris, Singer/Songwriter/Musician- Eagle & The Wolf

I’ve felt much calmer, more patient and emotionally strong since my session with Lisa. It’a like a wave of relief has washed over me and now I’m back on track. Thankyou so much Lisa!
Brooke, Bells at Killcare Guest

What an inspiring space for a life changing moment in time. Your patience and guidance offer the encouragement needed to explore and reflect upon those challenging aspects of transformational change. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Erina, Bells at Killcare Guest